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Irish Hats... Mikako, me, and Elena

Irish Hats... Mikako, me, and Elena

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What is going on in Northern Ireland is very… scary.  It’s almost like before the peace agreement.  We’re all a little stunned, and don’t know what’s really brought on the attacks on police and soldiers.  The economy?  Who knows.  Anyway, I’m sure you’ve all heard about it.

In not so front page news, I’ve got my tickets to Vienna and Macedonia.  It’s going to be the most convoluted trip to Skopje, but I won’t get into that.

I went to a Celtic music night at Brice and Olive’s church last Saturday which was good fun.  Elena came along… she thought people from up here were a little mean, but now her opinion is changing.  As it should, you all know how I value Brice and Olive.

I am taking Tuesday off next week and going to do St Patrick’s Day things.. parades, parties, Celtic Music, dancing… also doing that Monday night and Sunday maybe and Saturday the Irish market at St. George’s.  I’m looking forward to this weekend!

While I’m sitting here putting off putting on my gym clothes (I really like that I said putting off putting on, sounds cool, anyway) I guess I’ll put in a quick update.

I’ve been debating what my Easter plans should be.  They’re talking about doing a forced shutdown the week before Easter or the week after (the week directly after Easter is already a shutdown week).  I was thinking I’d head home if that was the case, but they haven’t made a final decision yet.  So I guess I’ll stick with my original plan, and go to Vienna to visit a friend for a few days.

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So I had a great weekend down in Ireland.  Of course, as soon as I make plans to do something I get loads of people wanting to hang out!  Sigh… so it goes.  Anyway, I’m really glad I decided to do the tour.  It was quite cheap, in itself, it was all the food and beer I had that was expensive (and boy is alcohol expennnnnsive down south.)

Anyway, for a quick breakdown, here goes.  I am so tired, not much sleep lately, was at the gym (I actually felt quite angry at myself as I forced myself to get to 10800 in 50 minutes on my fun little rower), haven’t showered, and I made my bed and halfway cleaned my super messy room…. so that’s my excuse if this is short.  I feel like I want to gossip about something or other, but just the weekend.

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I have lots I want to write about, but I’m quite tired at the moment.

No word on my job.  At all.  Seriously.

I’m going to take a tour from Dublin round the south this weekend.  I’ll be walking to the bus stop around 4:3o Friday morning (or a taxi if the weather is bad.)

I’m still laughing at London’s inability to handle 3-4 inches of snow.

I’m seeing a ballet tomorrow… Tchaichovsky’s Sleeping Beauty by the Royal Scotland Ballet (or something like that.)

Catch up with things next week, this week has been quite hectic.

Still in the news today.  Of course, I saw it in the Belfast Telegraph, but I found this as a headline on top news of the day from Google News.  I’m not so sure this is the way to move on, by dredging up the past like this- but what life experience could I possibly have to give me any real insight into any of these people’s thoughts.  It is quite controversial… a terrorist to one person, a freedom-fighter to another, somebody’s mother or father, somebody’s murderer.

This article is better, I think.  More detailed, for sure, with more stories.

And here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth, as the saying goes.

Ok, so I promised everyone I’d post, so I must comply.  I still have no word about my job nor any sort of timeframe when ANYONE will know anything.  I, needless to say, am terribly frustrated.  I would rather them tell me tomorrow to pack my things and be gone by mid February than stay here through April and not know the whole time.  Anyway, I patiently wait.  And work.  My manager is very much keeping track of this for me (little surprise there, his team consists of one unintelligible team lead, one somewhat experienced Elec. Engr., one brand new graduate student who will be rotating elsewhere come March, and me… with 3-4 open slots for engineers, which he has little hope of getting.  So there it is.)

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Well i’m not completely kaput yet.  Judgment day, as it is, is Friday.  I talked to my team lead today and the good news is that he was quite furious about communication going on behind not only my back but also his.  I told him I probably wouldn’t be the one implementing my projects since I’m probably not long for Belfast, and he was not happy.  So, at least he still wants me around.  So that’s good.

Also, I have lived here for about 4 months now, and I literally got lost walking home.  Granted, it was a different route but streets don’t go through.  I quite literally hiked through some little trail by the theological college.  Didn’t even know it was there.  I was quite lost.  But, since it’s a tiny city, you just walk til you find a recognizable street.  Teach me to take a shortcut to Tesco’s (I didn’t make it in time and had to go to the Co-op anyway where they didn’t even have ONE loaf of bread.  Didn’t need the carbs anyway.  Got wheatabix for breakfast instead.  Also, they were out of bananas so I had to buy grapes.)

By the way, I have gone to the gym 5 days in a row.  And today, I rowed 6k in 30 minutes.  Go me.

(If I do get fired, I have to leave the country… stat.)

Today I went for a walk, bought a few more books, got a cup of coffee, donated to a children’s charity, went to the gym.  Oh and found out my contract will be terminated within the next week.  So… yeah.  I guess I’m not only unemployed but I am getting fired.

Grand.  I’m stuck in a rent contract here that far extends my job.  According to the money I have now, I can pay rent through April, all my electric/gas, 50 a month for food, my gym, my charity giving (it’s only 10  a month), a flight home, and a package to home.  But that is the extent of it.  Nothing else.  My rent contract is through June, soooo, there seems to be a problem there.

I am all the way over in Europe and I can’t afford to see, well, any of it.  I guess there will be another time?  I hope so, it feels like such a lost opportunity.

The recession, in the scheme of things, is affecting me on such a small level, but, trust me, it feels very significant to me.

No news about my job. Still hopeful.

In other news, I went to the gym today for the first time in months.  45 minutes of working out and 45 of walking later (it’s not all that close), I’m quite tired.